Application Form for Admissions 入學申請表格

* Please read the Application Notes before completing this Application Form.
* 填寫申請表前,請仔細閱讀申請須知

Please fill in the application form in English

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Programme Application報讀課程

Please indicate your choice of programmes (1 for 1st choice, 2 for 2nd choice, etc.). If you are choosing only one programme, indicate 1.

Name in English (as on HKID Card or passport)英文姓名 (按香港身份證/護照上所示)

Surname 姓氏
Given Name 名字

Chinese Name (if applicable)中文姓名 (如適用)


Date of Birth出生日期

HKID Card/Passport Number香港身份證/護照號碼

Email Address電子郵件地址

Residential Address住址

Room / Flat 室
Floor 樓
Block 座
Building 大廈
Estate / Street / Road 屋苑/街道

Contact Number聯絡電話

Mobile 手提電話
Residential Telephone Number 住所電話


Do you require a visa to study in HK?你是否需要申請學生簽證?


First language (Please specify the main one only, e.g. Cantonese, Putonghua, English)第一語言(請寫出您最常用的一種,例如廣東話、普通話、英語)

Do you need special arrangement in learning and / or taking examination?你是否需要特別的學習/考試安排?

Education Background教育背景

Please provide details of your secondary and post-secondary education, including complete and/or current studies. (Please list in reverse chronological order.)


Secondary and Post-Secondary College / Institution Attended中學及專上教育院校
Date of Attendance修讀年份
Qualification Obtained獲取學歷

Public Examination(s) Results公開考試成績

Please fill in "N/A" if this section is not applicable.

如不適用請填寫 "N/A"。

Name of Examination (e.g. HKDSE, HKALE , IB, GCEAL)考試名稱(例如香港中學文憑試、香港 高等程度會考、國際文憑、普通教育高 級程度證書等)
Year Taken年份
Subjects (Results / Grades / Levels Obtained)科目(成績/等級/級別)

Please complete the required field. 請填寫以上資料

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION [For applicants who apply for BEdECE (4-year full time) / HDECE / DECS programme, please choose "No" to proceed to the next section]已獲取的專業資歷[幼兒教育榮譽學士(四年全日制) / 幼兒教育高級文憑 / 幼兒學文憑的申請人,請揀選『否』以完成餘下之報名手續]

Professional Qualification (Please indicate if you have acquired the following professional qualifications)


Registered as Kindergarten Teacher with the Education Bureau (EDB)已註冊為教育局合格幼稚園教師
Registered as Child Care Worker with the Social Welfare Department已註冊為社會福利署幼兒工作員
Registered as Child Care Supervisor with the Social Welfare Department已註冊為社會福利署幼兒中心主管
Completed training as Special Child Care Worker recognised by the Social Welfare Department已完成社會福利署認可的特殊幼兒工作員培訓課程

Other Relevant Information其他相關資料

Please provide information that will support your application for admissions and consideration for scholarship (e.g. awards, community service, talents, sports, work experience (if any), motivation to study programme applied, aspirations).

請提供相關資料以供書院進一步考慮你的入學和獎學金申請(例如: 獎項、 社會服務、 才藝、 運動、 相關工作經驗(如有)、 報讀課程的動 機、 志向等。)

How did you learn about YCCECE and its programmes?(You may choose more than one option.)

Personal Data Privacy Statement個人資料保障聲明

  1. The data you provide will be used for admissions, statistical and auditing purposes.
  2. Upon your registration in a programme, the application data will become part of your student record, which will be used for registration, administration, communications, statistical, alumni and other purposes related to your studies.
  3. Your personal data will be kept secure by the College and will mainly be handled by staff of the College. If deemed necessary, personal data may be transferred to authorised third parties providing services to the College.
  4. Under the Data Privacy Ordinance, you have the right to request for and correct your personal data.

Declaration And Authorisation聲明及授權

  1. I hereby declare that all information provided in this Application Form is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation made or false information given may result in the disqualification of my application for admissions and subsequent enrolment to the College.
  2. I authorise the College to obtain and the relevant authorities to release any or all information about my public examination results and my studies at institutions in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
  3. I have noted, understood and agreed to the Personal Data Privacy Statement of the College.
  4. I understand that all fees paid in regard to my application and enrolment are non-refundable.