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    Prof Soyoun Bae presented a keynote speech at the 4th International Summit Forum, 2018


    17 Oct, 2018

    10 : 00

    • The 4th International Summit Forum was held from October 16 to October 17, 2018, at Shanghai International Convention Center. The Forum, focusing on integrated Early Childhood Education programmes from 0 to 6, was organized by the Chinese Society of Education, China Qingyan Peace Education Foundation (中華青雁和平教育基金會) and East China Normal University.

      Prof Soyoun Bae, Dean of Studies of YCCECE and President of PECERA International, presented her keynote speech titled ‘Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education’ to hundreds of participants coming from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other places. Her presentation emphasized that during early childhood, due to the characteristics of brain development, young children learn best through hands-on, active, holistic, inter-related, multi-modal, and real-life based experiences. Teaching young children with an integrated approach, which satisfies all of these conditions, enables them to capture learning experiences in meaningful ways, to connect their learning to real-life experiences, to think deeply about content and lay the foundation for further learning, and to accomplish comprehensive and balanced development in all developmental domains. She also provided guidelines on how to design integrated teaching in early childhood education with practical examples.

      Other than Prof Bae, the Chair of YCCECE Board of Governors Dr Betty Chan and the Head of YCCECE Mainland Office Ms Sophie Xu also attended the Forum.