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    YCCECE First ECE Global Exchange Trip to Seoul, South Korea


    23 Nov, 2018

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    • Funded by the ‘Professor Shen Shir Ming Global Citizens Development Grant’, our first cohort of year 3 students from the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education programme visited Seoul, South Korea from 20 November to 23 November 2018, in order to gain international exposure and learn more about the world’s best ECE practices.

      Students observed how teachers and children could be engaged in quality play at Ewha Kindergarten.

      During the visit to Narang Private Kindergarten, students learned about in-school research based curriculum development and different ways to create interesting learning spaces for children.

      Students are impressed by how children are valued highly in Korea and how supportive the Korean government in pre-school programmes after visiting the
      Eungok Public Kindergarten and Neutinamu Child Care Centre.

      Students had the privilege of visiting Prof Rhee, member of the Board of Governors of YCCECE and an influential ECE expert in the field and government ECE policies in South Korea.

      Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education wishes to thank the following schools and organisations for their support throughout the trip:
      – Eungok Public Kindergarten
      – Ewha Kindergarten
      – IBK Han-Nam Child Care Center
      – Narang Private Kindergarten
      – (Bangbae) Neutinamu Child Care Center
      – Seoul Early Childhood Promotion Center