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    College students received Golden Merits Award for the Global Citizenship Education Festival 2019


    24 Feb, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On Feb 24, 2019 (Sunday) The Jockey Club UNESCO HK Association Global Citizenship Education Project came to its conclusion culminating in a day of games and exhibitions and the awards ceremony at the Hong Kong Science Park.

      Our YCCECE Students, LEUNG Wing Ki (HDECE2), Mandy Leung (HDECE2) Theresa Pang (HDECE1) manned a booth offering Sandart in a bottle, Playdough fun, and a simple Stress Test. They also promoted our college’s programme to students and parents. Our students were very busy as people of all ages were very interested to take part in their activities.

      This year, the major theme of the projects was Mental Health and Wellbeing. Since October YCCECE students attended 2 sessions totaling 4 hours on Mental Health Issues and visited The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Farm to learn more about the issues facing people of Hong Kong.

      Finally, they were trained in a 3 Hour Scriptwriting Seminar with all other 30+ schools participating followed by 2 sessions of Scriptwriting Workshops totaling 6 hours, to write a script that best exemplifies the issue.

      Combined with the knowledge about Mental Health (Mandy and Theresa took the Mental Health 12-hour Certification course from Alice), our team submitted a script for the Drama Scripting Competition. Students received the certificate for Golden Merits and Mandy Leung represented the college to receive this certificate from Ms Winnie Ying, Head of Charities, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.