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    YCCECE proudly presents the "YCCECE Student Teacher Series"


    31 May, 2019

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    • The “YCCECE Student Teacher Series” was launched in May 2019 with its first publication of storybooks authored by students in YCCECE’s new Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education.

      Because of its unique environment of 100% English and 100% Early Childhood Education, YCCECE’s English courses are designed to improve students’ general proficiency and also to enhance profession-related language needs whether students are composing essays, writing newsletters, conducting academic research, giving a presentation, reading children’s stories, or writing original children’s storybooks.

      These storybooks developed from an assignment in a third-year BEd English course called “Writing in Early Childhood Education,” which was taught by Senior Lecturer Suzan Stamper. In the course, full-time and part-time Student Teachers created original children’s storybooks through researching topics, designing storyboards, drafting illustrations, revising text, and collaborating with peers. Their choice of topics for their storybooks focused on providing socially and culturally relevant stories – especially those that might fill a gap – for young children in Hong Kong.

      The inspiration for the first two storybooks – Golden and Celebrity Cows – came from the Student Teachers’ own experiences.

      Tina Wu, the author of Golden, is “a third culture kid” who was inspired by the stress and fear many Hong Kong children have about making mistakes. After hearing about kintsugi, which is a Japanese art that repairs broken pottery with gold, she created her little bowl character who was afraid to run and play like his friends.

      Jethro Clarke, the author of Celebrity Cows, lives on Lamma Island and has observed firsthand how tourists on the island interact with the feral cows. She wrote her book from the perspective of the mother cow to encourage children to be respectful of these wild animals and to learn how to interact with them.

      For the two recently published books, the illustrations were done by a professional artist Eugene Levi Chan.

      The “Writing in Early Childhood Education” course was taught for the first time in Fall 2018. More books from 2018 are in line for the next publication of the “YCCECE Student Teacher Series.” The series will continue with new books authored and illustrated by students taking the course in Fall 2019.

      As YCCECE aims to create platforms and opportunities for Student Teachers to explore both their talents and interests as future Early Childhood Education professionals, Student Teachers are encouraged to see themselves as professionals all through their studies. This “YCCECE Student Teacher Series” is one of many opportunities students have as future Early Childhood Education professionals.

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