ESF Hillside International Kindergarten


We have found that your students are well prepared, display a very professional approach and show genuine interests in the teaching and learning process. The student teachers have demonstrated their ability to engage with our inquiry-driven play-based curriculum and programmes. They have worked well in our non-traditional ‘open-school’ environment and have successfully led learning engagements for small groups of children in collaboration with the class teachers. Many of your student teachers returned to help us with other school events, such as our annual Sports Day and a number have been appointed to undertake supply cover. It has been a joy to see how much both your students and programmes have grown and flourished over the past two years and we look forward to continuing and building upon our productive partnership.

Mr. Christopher Duncan, Principal
Ms. Audrey Tang, Vice Principal

York International Kindergarten


York Kindergarten has been working with your College for some time now and we've been very very happy about the quality of your graduates. As one of the largest private kindergarten groups in Hong Kong, we believe that Yew Chung provides students with what they need to be insightful leaders and innovators. We welcome all your graduates to join us at York!

Ms. Theodora Lee, Head Teacher

Bridge Academy


Your students are always enthusiastic and polite. They are proactive learners who relish every opportunity to ask questions and practise their teaching skills. They are always well prepared for their classes and spend a lot time and effort preparing both creative learning materials and lesson plans. They welcome challenges and try their very best to complete the tasks assigned. I greatly appreciate their positive learning attitudes and professionalism throughout their practicum with us at Bridge Academy. I wish them all a successful career.

Ms. Christine Chan, Case Manager

Yew Chung International School (ECE Section)


Your students exhibit flexibility to adapt to the requirements of our children, parents and school, as well as our learn-through-play approach, where lesson plans are developed around the interests of children. They make initiatives to build their relationships with our children, make connections, stay at the children’s eye-level and allow children to lead the play. Your students show the ability to be reflective, an essential trait needed for an early childhood education professional.

Jean Jeffries 女士, 代理聯合校長

Employ our Graduates

Yew Chung College graduates are industry ready upon graduation, with 4 professional qualifications; they are some of the most sought after in the industry. Each year, the College hosts a Career Fair, allowing kindergartens, NGOs and Special Needs Centres the opportunity to recruit their talent from our graduating cohort and alumni.

YCCECE Careers Fair


6 Jul 2020 (Mon)


4:00pm – 6:00pm


Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education
2 Tin Wan Hill Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong