ECE Beginner’s Challenge: Unlock skills needed to become a kindergarten teacher

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To understand more about the skills required to be an early childhood educatorion teacher, YCCECE will host the ‘ECE Beginner’s Challenge – Unlock skills needed to become a Kindergarten Teacher’ experiential activity at the Pamela Peck Discovery Space, which enables participant to unlock skills needed to be a 21st century kindergarten teacher through organizing fun early childhood activity with professional advice given by YCCECE’s academic team.

(1) Gain hands-on ECE experience together with students who share the same ambition in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
(2) Understand the concept of ‘Learning through play’ and learn more about ECE
(3) Chat with our academic team to resolve questions on your mind and obtain advices to pursue further study in ECE
(4) Campus tour
(5) Onsite application/interview for YCCECE’s programmes [Applicable to new applicants]
$300 application fee will be waived.


24 Jun 2021 (Thur)


14:30 - 16:30


YCCECE, 2 Tin Wan Hill Road, Tin Wan, Aberdeen


Applicants, secondary six students and those who plan to apply for YCCECE's programmes

*Parents and others who want to learn more about Early Childhood Education are encouraged to join other upcoming activities organised by the College.

Onsite application & interview:

A $300 application fee will be waived and applicants who pass the interview will receive a conditional offer.