Linking “Learning-through-Play” to Optimal Brain Development

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YCCECE considers quality early childhood education (ECE) essential in developing young minds and ensuring societal success. It empowers a new generation of children to develop their confidence to become positive contributors to the greater global sustainability. For future educators, teachers and parents to gain a deeper understanding of ECE, the College presents you this online seminar series via ZOOM to hear from a variety of early childhood experts on challenges and opportunities, best practices and optimal ways to develop the next generation through quality ECE.

Topic 1: Linking “Learning-through-Play” to Optimal Brain Development

Much research depicts the essential role ‘Play’ has in optimal brain development, and the role of adults in safeguarding a child’s right to healthy brain development. Through active engagement with ideas and knowledge, and also with the world at large, researchers find children better prepared to deal with tomorrow’s reality – a reality of their own-making. ‘Play’ is critical in harnessing and building this potential. It has a key role in preparing children for childhood challenges ahead and the stresses of adulthood.

About the speaker:
Nicky Weir
Director of Practicum and Professional Development at YCCECE

Nicky is currently involved in leading and managing of CPD, Practicum and the Yew Chung Early Childhood Development Centre. Nicky’s twenty-one year educational experience spans early childhood, primary school, secondary school and tertiary; as well as having experience in leading and managing as a Principal in early childhood settings for almost 10 years. Her passion is in play-based education as well as advocating for children’s rights.

Language: English
Join in the seminar via ZOOM: http://bit.ly/ECE-Talk-Ep1