ECE experiential activity: ECE & Special Education

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Nowadays, the career prospect of Early Childhood Education graduates is not only limited to teaching at kindergartens, they are also qualified for child care and special child care works! With increasing awareness from teachers and parents towards ‘Special Education Needs (SEN)’, there is a growing demand of SEN professionals for enhancing inclusive education. Thus, it is essential for new Early Childhood Educators to equip with knowledge in ‘Diverse Needs’, ‘Special Education’ and so on. Register for our experiential activity on 10 Jul 2020 to learn more about Special Education.

(1) Understand how children with diverse needs see the world from our experiential activities
(2) Learn more about special education needs
(3) Meet YCCECE’s lecturer, students and make new friends who will also study ECE soon
(4) Campus tour
(5) Onsite application/interview for YCCECE’s programmes [Applicable to new applicants]
$300 application fee will be waived.


10 Jul 2020 (Friday)


14:30 - 16:00


YCCECE | 2 Tin Wan Hill Rd, Aberdeen




For those who plan to pursue higher education in early childhood education

Onsite application & interview will be available:

A $300 application fee will be waived and applicants who pass the interview will receive a conditional offer.