Strategies that Enable Effective Storytelling

CPD Talk-EP4-05

YCCECE considers quality early childhood education (ECE) essential in developing young minds and ensuring societal success. It empowers a new generation of children to develop their confidence to become positive contributors to the greater global sustainability. For future educators, teachers and parents to gain a deeper understanding of ECE, the College presents you this online seminar series to hear from a variety of early childhood experts on challenges and opportunities, best practices and optimal ways to develop the next generation through quality ECE.

Topic 4: Strategies that Enable Effective Storytelling

All children love stories. And listening to tales offers less acknowledged but powerful benefits for the young. Storytelling aids in early literacy development, acquiring listening skills and encouraging concentration as well as sparking wonderful flights of imagination. A story a day truly paves the way for a healthy all-rounded blossoming of physical, mental and emotional capacities.

Key topics to cover:

• The use of story-sacks in the delivery of high-quality language learning in early childhood education
• Examples will be shared about how stories can be initiators for topics of enquiry and related learning
• How to create stimulating story-sacks

About the speaker:

Jeni Watson
YCCECE Visiting Lecturer

With over 50 years of experience in Early Years Education in the UK and Hong Kong as well as having served as a school principal at various Hong Kong international kindergartens, Jeni is a passionate reader who is keen on making use of children’s books to provoke the imagination and language development of the very young.

Language: English (with simultaneous interpretation in Putonghua and Cantonese)

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