Health Measures against COVID-19 (for Visitors)

In order to effectively restrict the spreading of COVID-19 Disease and protect the health of our visitors, students and staff, the College has adopted the following health measures.

1. All visitors should make prior appointment with College staff.

2. On entering the campus, visitors are requested to:
    a. Step on the disinfected matt at the entrance gate.
    b. Fill out a health declaration form and return it to the guard.
    c. Take body temperature.
    d. Disinfect hands with hand sanitizer before entering the lift lobby.
    e. While on campus, visitors are required to wear mask at all times.

3. Under the following situation, access to campus will be declined.
    a. Display the following symptoms:
         i. Fever
         ii. Chills & Rigor
         iii. Cough
         iv. Diarrhoea
         v. Fatique
         vi. Shortness of Breath / Difficulty in Breath

    b. Had contacts with people with the above symptoms in the past 14 days.
    c. Had contacts with a confirmed / suspected COVID-19 patient in the past 14 days.
    d. There is a confirmed COVID-19 case in the building where the visitor(s) live.

4. The College will continue to monitor the situation and modify the health measures as situation requires.

5. Should there be any query, please contact 3977-9877 during office hours.