It’s a time of excitement at the Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education!

There is no other early education institution that prepares its Student Teachers not only for the real world, but also to be change agents in this world. We expect our graduates to not only make a difference in the most critical and formative years of young children’s lives, but also to be future leaders and advocates for the Early Childhood profession.

Building on an unparalleled legacy, influential leadership, and a clear and ambitious vision, YCCECE is committed to changing the face of Early Childhood Education by providing unique pre-service and in-service teacher training programmes to produce high quality educators for the betterment of Hong Kong, Greater China, Asia and beyond.

Achieving these ambitions will require investments – in facilities, research capacity, overseas partnerships, top international faculty, student scholarships and bursaries. These needs call for support beyond the expected income from student tuition, as YCCECE is a wholly private non-profit institution, not funded by the government.

The College appreciates all donations, large or small, in support of our commitment to advance the Early Years profession.

Here we grow, together!


  • COVID-19 Relief Fund

    Our Students Need Your Help!

    COVID-19 has caused unprecedented social, economic, physical and emotional disruptions across the globe. Our students, some of whom come from disadvantaged background, have seen their financial resources depleting and the chance of completing their studies at YCCECE under threat. To give these students the much needed support and to allow them to stay on course, YCCECE has set up a Student Emergency Fund to provide assistance on tuition fee, transportation and other study related expenses.

    The College is very thankful for the HK$380,000 donations given by alumni, parents, colleagues and friends so far. It is a demonstration of love, compassion and kindness towards those who in need, and a staunch commitment to ensure the continuous growth of the Early Childhood Education profession for the long-term betterment of society.

    Please join forces with us and help our students realize their full potential as Early Childhood Educators by donating towards the Student Emergency Fund, Scholarships and Bursaries. No gifts are too big or too small for our appreciative students. And, it is easy! Simply click on the “MAKE A GIFT” on the menu to make your gift.

    Here we grow our future, and we hope to count on you!

    COVID19 Relief Fund
  • Academic & Research

    ECE Resource Centre - To build a local ECE Case Bank, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, for promoting innovative and progressive best practices in ECE curriculum and pedagogy, teachers’ professional development, and assisting the Government in formulating education and social policies.

    Endowed Chair Professorships & Visiting Professors - Attracting world-class faculty is at the heart of all academic institutions. Endowed Chair Professorships and visiting scholars will support our drive to attract the best minds in ECE from around the globe.

    Research Fund - The ECE field is constantly evolving and research is at the forefront of this evolution. Novel solutions, new thinking and innovative research is a key priority for YCCECE going forward, as the College endeavours to be at the cutting-edge of the ECE field.

  • Co-curricular Innovation

    Pioneering co-curricular innovation and learning beyond the classroom have been central to the Yew Chung vision since its beginning. YCCECE will continue in this tradition by creating new opportunities for our students to be well-rounded scholars and educators, whether through e-learning, Study Tours to Mainland China or overseas, Student Exchanges, and Community Outreach programmes.

  • Scholarships & Bursaries

    YCCECE aspires to offer need-blind admission, as we are committed to attracting the brightest and most capable students regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. This Fund will provide annual and multi-year merit-based scholarships and need-based bursaries for all deserving students who meet our entry and progression requirements, ensuring that they can successfully complete their studies and launch their ECE careers.


Donor Recognition

We would like to sincerely thank our donors from the Yew Chung and Yew Wah network – whether alumni, parents or friends, and our supporters from the community at large for their strong supports and generosity towards the College.

COVID-19 Relief Fund Supporters

Funded by

Mr. Terry CHENG Wai Ming
Mr. Felix HSU
Mrs. Winnie KWONG
Wofoo Foundation Limited
Ms. Charity SUN Aizhen
Mr. Wind WANG Xiaofeng
Ms. YAO Xu

GuangzhouYew Wah Education Management Company Limited
Mr. Matt HU
Ms. Rebecca JIANG
Ms. Katy LAI
Mr. Bill LEE
Ms. Helen LV
Mr. Fugang QIN
Ms. Amy ZENG

Qingdao Yew Wah Education Management Company Limited
Ms. Claudia LAI
Mr. Jason LI

Shanghai Yew Wah Education Management Company Limited
Mr Frank Zhang and colleagues

Shenzhen Yew Wah Education Management Company Limited
Ms. Mingjun CHEN
Ms. Arwen HUANG
Mr. Lewis LAO
Ms. Ada CHEN
Ms. Motong LI
Ms. Xiao LIANG
Ms. Yvonne LUO
Ms. Alice SHA Xina
Prof. Ping SHI
Ms. Shirley SONG
Ms. TAO Huimin
Ms. Linda WANG Chunxiao
Ms. Baoling YANG
Ms. ZHAN Huini
Ms. ZHANG Dandan

The College also appreciates the generosity of the donors who wish to remain anonymous.

We are deeply touched by the generosity and care given by our friends and members of the community in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The support received will ensure that students can stay on track with their studies free of financial worries and that they could fulfil their dreams of becoming Early Childhood Educators.

Legacy Donors

Funded by

Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF)

It is through the generosity of Legacy Donors that YCCECE has come into being. The gifts of these visionary donors have helped establish YCCECE as the premier Early Childhood Education institution in Hong Kong and beyond. Through their support, we have the Yew Chung Educator.

Scholarship Fund

Funded by

Mr. Mark ADAMS
Mr. Jeff CAO Jingfei
Mr. Kelvin CHAO, Mr. Jonathan CHAO and Ms. Juliana CHAO
Ms. Joyce CHEN
Ms. Winnie CHENG Wai Yee
Drs. Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation
CIFI Holdings Group Charity Foundation Limited
Mr. Damien HEHIR
Mr. & Mrs. Anton HO
Mr. Robert HORTON
Dr. LAM Kin Chung
Dr. Roland LEUNG
Mr. MA Jianrong
Mr. Robert NG Kwong Hung
Mrs. Ella TSE CHAN Yuen Yee
Wofoo Foundation Limited
Ms. Mary YU Min

Thanks to these generous donors for supporting the establishment of Scholarship, so all eligible students will have the opportunity to experience the quality early childhood education at YCCECE.

Visiting Professorship Fund

Funded by

Mr. SUN Wenbin

Commitments of more than HK$300,000 support our drive to attract the best scholars in ECE from around the globe, further enhancing the quality of our programmes. We are committed to inviting a Visiting Professor annually, who will contribute to our teaching and/or research.

Past Visiting Professors:
Professor Susan Fowler (University of Illinois, USA)
Professor Kimberly P. Bezaire (George Brown School of Early Childhood, Canada)
Professor Karyn Callaghan (Charles Sturt University, Australia)

Professor Shen Shir Ming Global Citizens Development Grant

Funded by

Professor SHEN Shir-ming

Founder's Circle

Funded by

Heart to Heart Foundation
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Dean's Circle

Dr. Lydia CHAN Lai Seng
Dr. Esther CHAN Yan Seng
Drs. Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation
Ms. June CHAU Kwan Fei
CIFI Holdings Group Charity Foundation Limited
Mr. MA Jianrong
Wofoo Foundation Limited
Ms. Winnie YIP Wing Kam

Professor's Circle

Ms. LIAO Yan
Prof. SHEN Shir Ming
Mr. SUN Wen Bin
Yew Chung and Yew Wah Friends Association Limited

Senior Fellow's Circle

Mr. Jeff CAO Jingfei
Dr. Betty CHAN Po King
Mr. Kelvin CHAO, Mr. Jonathan CHAO & Ms. Juliana CHAO
Ms. Joyce CHEN
Mr. CHEN Yong Zhen
Mr. & Mrs. Anton HO
Kwan Sisters
Ms. KONG Jing
Mrs. Winnie KWONG
Ms. Connie LOK Kwei Ho
Mrs. SO YEUNG Suk Ming
Ms. TAN Yuehua

Fellow's Circle

China Education Development (Investment & Management) Co Ltd
Mr. Harvey Dy HO
Dr. LAM Kin Chung
Dr. Elsie LEUNG Oi Sie
Shanghai Yew Wah Education Management Company
Mr. SHEN Tingbo
Dr. S. J. WONG

Scholar's Circle

Mr. CHENG Chung Ming
Mr. CHENG Lung Don
Mr. Terry CHENG Wai Ming
Ms. Winnie CHENG Wai Yee
Ms. Dora CHU
Mr. Felix HSU
Ms. Samman LEE
Dr. Roland LEUNG Ching Yu
Dr. Troy LUI Tsz Tak
Mrs. Ella TSE CHAN Yuen Yee
Mr. YAO Jianbo
YWIEK Shanghia Biyun Campus

Yew Chung Educator’s Circle

Mr. Mark ADAMS
Ms. Gladys AU
Mr. Max CARUSO & 袁映女士
Mr. Arthur CHAN Kwan Hung
Ms. Carmen CHAN Ka Man
Ms. Cecilia CHAN
Ms. Harriet CHAN Ho Yan
Ms. Stephanie CHAN
Ms. Ada CHEN
Ms. Janelle CHEN
Ms. Mingjun CHEN
Ms. Rainlla CHEN
Ms. CHEN Chunyan
Ms. Kate CHENG Ling Kiu
Ms. Elis CHEUNG Shuk Yee
Ms. Lydia CHEUNG
Ms. Veronica CHU
Ms. Soye CHUI So Ying
Ms. DA SILVA Jaqueline
Ms. Fanny DU
Ms. FAROOQ Hajra
Mrs. Julia FRY
Ms. Cindy FUNG Kwok Yin
Dr. Timothy GRAY & Mrs. Kathleen GRAY
Ms. GURUNG Rubbi
Ms. Lily HAN Xiaoli
Ms. Gloria HE
Ms. Louisa HO
Dr. Robert HORTON
Mr. Matt HU
Ms. HU Siyu
Ms. HU Zhangzhi
Mr. Kevin HUAI Gaiping
Ms. Arwen HUANG
Mrs. Lydia HUANG
Mr. HUANG Shan
Huang Shan Scholars Conference Hotel Staff
Ms. Tera HUANG
Dr. Anna HUI
Ms. Suki HUI Shu Ki
Ms. Michelle HUNG Yi Mei
Mr. IP Tin Yau
Mr. Jimmy JI Xiaochun
Mr. Jason JIANG
Ms. Rebecca JIANG
Ms. Rosemary KELLY
Ms. KHAN Ishrat
Ms. KHAN Urooj
Mr. Wyatt KO Chun Hei
Mrs. Sylvia KO COUPER
Ms. Claudia LAI
Ms. Katy LAI
Dr. LAM Tung Fei
Dr. LAN Sheng
Mr. Lewis LAO
Ms. Queenie LAU Pui Kiu
Mr. Ryan LAU Ying Yeung
Mr. Bernard LEE Chung Ming
Mr. Bill LEE
Ms. Emily LEE Wing Sze
Ms. Linda LEE
Mr. LEE Wai Bun
Prof. LEE Young Ja
Ms. Gmeiner LEUNG
Ms. Mandy LEUNG Chui Ying
Ms. Olivia LEUNG Mun Chong
Ms. Sindy LEUNG
Ms. Winnie LEUNG Yee Man
Ms. Cindy LI Sin Yi
Ms. Ivy LI
Mr. Jason LI
Ms. Motong LI
Ms. Ran LI
Ms. Xiao LIANG
Mr. Alan LIU
Ms. Lily LIU Li
Ms. Sally LIU Wensheng
Mr. Thomas LIU Sai Keung
Ms. LIU Lili
Ms. LIU Xuan
Ms. Josephine LO Ming See
Ms. Melody LONG
Ms. Yvonne LUO
Ms. LUO Xiaoxiang
Ms. Helen LV
Ms. Laura MA
Ms. Yvonne MA
Ms. Carol MAO
Mr. Clayton MULLINS
Mr. Christopher MUNN
Mr. Robert NG Kwong Hung
Ms. NGAI Cheuk Woon
Ms. Teresa PANG Chun Wai
Ms. Rose PEI Shuzhen
Mrs. Maria POON LEUNG Hok Yin
Ms. Maya PRAKASH Mohini
Ms. Yolanda PU
Ms. Amy QIAO
Mr. Fugang QIN
Ms. RAPHAEL Melody
Prof. RHEE Won Young
Mr. Martin SCOTT
Ms. Alice SHA Xina
Ms. Linda SHEN Xiaofeng
Shenzhen Yew Wah Education Management Company Limited
Prof. Ping SHI
Ms. Shirley SONG
Mr. SONG Zhaoqing
Ms. SONIA Javaid
Ms. Tracy SU
Mrs. Yanny SUGITO
Ms. Charity SUN Aizhen
Ms. Jessica SUN
Ms. Sam SZE
Dr. Paul TAM
Ms. Iris TAN
Ms. TAO Huimin
Ms. Maya THAPA SARU MAGAR Man Kumari
Mr. Ambrose TONG Tsz Chiu
Ms. Helen TSE Nga Lam
Ms. Diana TSUI Dan
Ms. Bernie TUNG Siu Yan
Mrs. Sayuri ULMET & Mr. Tom ULMET
Mrs. Elizabeth VICKERTON
Ms. Jessie WANG Zhiyu
Mr. Julian WANG
Ms. Linda WANG Chunxiao
Dr. Rae WANG
Mr. Wind WANG Xiaofeng & Ms. Sunny ZHAO Yun
Mr. WANG Xinyu
Mr. WONG Kam Ying
Heung To Education Organisation Limited
Ms. WU Hok Lam
Ms. Jessie XIAO
Mr. Alex XU Yang
Ms. Christine XU
Ms. Julia XU
Ms. Sophie XU Fei
Dr. XU Xuejun
Ms. Baoling YANG
Ms. Mary YANG
Ms. Tracy YANG
Ms. Tracy YANG Tian
Ms. YAO Xu
Ms. YE Guizhen
Yew Chung International School
Mr. YIM Sen Kee
Ms. Karen YIP Sin Ting
YIU Chuen Sze He
Ms. YU Quan
Dr.Yeung YU
Mr. YU Leslie
Prof. Allan YUEN Hoi Kau
YWIEK Qingdao Campus
YWIEK Rizhao Campus Parents
YWIEK Shanghai Colleages
YWIEK Shenzhen Campus
Ms. Amy ZENG
Ms. ZHAN Huini
Ms. ZHANG Dandan
Ms. ZHANG Rongzhen
Ms. Cindy ZHAO Yang
Ms. Rachel ZHAO Qiu Wan
Ms. Julie ZHENG Lei
Mr. ZHU Jiajin
Prof. ZHU Jiaxiong
Ms. Yuxi ZOU

The College also appreciates the generosity of the donors who wish to remain anonymous.


Alumni, parents and friends support YCCECE in many ways, through unrestricted annual giving, and major gifts in support of the priorities described above, and planned gifts and bequests. However you choose to strengthen YCCECE and at whatever level, your generosity is truly appreciated. Every gift counts!

Institutional Advancement Office