Professor Allan Yuen


Welcome to Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE).

The education of children as a foundation of society is a widely accepted concept. Increasingly, attention is paid to Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Rooted in the Yew Chung heritage, YCCECE is deeply committed to nurturing a new generation of passionate and inspired ECE teachers and professionals who will have an enduring impact on the lives of a great many young children and their families, and truly change the world.

As the President of YCCECE, I am honoured and proud to have an opportunity to lead the very first and only specialist higher education institution in ECE in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and perhaps all of Asia. Yew Chung is, indeed, special and unique.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) recognises “the right to play” as a fundamental aspect of childhood. Recently, it is near-universally agreed that play is a vital part of children’s well-being and development.  However, as early as the 1970s, Yew Chung began pioneering what were then radical ECE concepts, such as learning through play, liberating young children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and thirst for knowledge. Grounded on major developmental and pedagogical theories as well as on-going research, the Yew Chung approach to ECE holds relationships at its centre. Children and their ideas are highly valued and children are viewed as capable and autonomous in need of teacher support, not teacher direction. Today, this approach to ECE is being recognised for its unique philosophy, curriculum and pedagogy alongside Yew Chung’s continuing endeavour to extend the frontier of new paradigms.

We thank you for your interest in knowing more about YCCECE and we look forward to seeing you on our campus. I sincerely invite you to browse our website and to discover more about the uniqueness of Yew Chung.

Prof Allan Yuen