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    Upcoming events

    • 1-on-1 Online Consultation for Early Childhood Education Programmes

      Are you interested in Early Childhood Education programmes? It’s now your chance! We are having 1-on-1 online consultation on 10 – 20 October 2022 (Monday – Friday). You just have to stay at home and get ready for our introduction on our ECE programmes, scholarship and graduates pathway, etc. Get equipped to plan your further studies before DSE exams. Limited place only. First-come first-served. Register NOW!

    • Info Session – Career Prospect of Early Childhood Education

      The Info Session will be held on 24 September 2022 (Saturday). Dr Crystal Zheng and Ms Ruoyu Wen from our academic team will share the latest career pathways of studying early childhood education programmes, how to obtain the qualifications and what are the career pathways other than kindergarten teachers.

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