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    Funding Priorities

    • Scholarships & Bursaries

      Championing the next generation of educators

      Financial support enables YCCECE to attract bright minds and the right talent for enrolment. This fund provides annual and multi-year merit-based scholarships and need-based bursaries for all deserving students who meet our entry and progression requirements, ensuring that they can successfully complete their studies and launch their ECE careers.


      The College is firmly committed to giving students the opportunity to benefit from tertiary education, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. Currently, over 65% of the College’s students require financial aid. Female students make up the majority of the student body and about one-third of our students come from ethnic minority groups. Female students from conservative ethnic minority groups are also discouraged from active academic pursuits. Therefore, financial support is vital for this group of students.


      Invaluable partnerships have been built with supporting partners throughout the years including Drs Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation and Wofoo Foundation Limited. We are also grateful for the generous support given by individuals. Their support has helped sustain our scholarships and bursaries and enabled us to establish new programmes.



      Sharing from scholarship recipients 2022-2023


      "Receiving this scholarship has significantly enhanced my well-being and expanded possibilities for my personal and career advancement. It has enabled me to concentrate solely on my education without concerns about placing a financial strain on my family. The scholarship further permitted me to dedicate more time to volunteering, where I was able to contribute to society through giving back to the community and positively impacting people's lifes."

      Chu Kam Sim

      Recipient of the Wofoo Scholarship


      "The scholarship has had an immense effect on me. It lifted the financial pressures off my shoulders and enabled me to dedicate my full attention to my studies this year. My GPA has significantly increased since receiving the scholarship.It further enhanced my wish to make a difference in other’s lifes one day."

      Cheung Tsun Pong

      Recipient of the Wofoo Scholarship


      “The impact of this scholarship on helping me achieve my goals cannot be overstated. It provides me with the financial means to dedicate myself fully to my studies and opportunities that will allow me to reach my full potential. I intend to apply what I have learned to give back to my community in valuable ways once I am able.”

      Chopra Lipy Abhishek

      Recipient of the Mr & Mrs Ma Scholarship


      Sharing from scholarship recipients 2021-2022


      "Your scholarship has opened a door and given me the hope of a brighter future. It will help me become a more successful educator in the future. Donors such as you brighten up my life. I can only hope that one day, I, too, will be in a position to help another needy student."

      Lam Yin Ting

      Recipient of the Mr. & Mrs. Ma Scholarship


      "Receiving this scholarship not only motivates me to maintain my GPA and complete my degree, but also to work harder to ensure such an opportunity will not go to waste. I hope one day I can help struggling students, regardless of their backgrounds and identities, to reach their goals. With your help and generosity, I can confidently say that I am indeed one step closer to my goal."

      Janelle Ann V. Bautista

      Recipient of the Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Scholarship

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