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    Research Office

    YCCECE is making an impact on the most fast-moving and challenging early childhood education trend in Hong Kong. Actively interact with professional parties, the Research Office is thrived to closely collaborate and have exchange connection with the government and industry leaders to facilitate in-depth research that contribute to ECE in Hong Kong.


    The College utilizes both public and private-sector fundings appropriately for every type of project. As a pioneer and the very first and only specialist higher education institution in Asia, it shares the latest research findings and provide support for the operation of lectures and conferences for the general public.

    • Aims and Duties

      There are three major aims of the Research Office - promoting research capacity, research culture and research branding of College.


      To do so, the Research Office mainly provides the following types of services to staff and students, including but not limited to:

      1. Inquiry service
      2. Individual consultation
      3. Proposal preparation and funding application
      4. Research ethical review application support
      5. Networking for collaboration
      6. Launching various research activities (e.g. workshops, seminars, academic conferences and site visits)