Bridge Academy

Photo - Bridge Academy 2

It is a pleasure to have YCCECE students join us at Bridge Academy for their placements for the following year. They are passionate about working with SEN children. They were caring and asked insightful questions about the children’s learning style. They took an interest in getting to know the children and engaged them in fun ways. When YCCECE students were given specific tasks they completed them in a timely manner and with minimal guidance. They provided good input too. We appreciate the students’ proactive participation and look forward to having more YCCECE students join us at Bridge Academy for their next placements!

Ms. Fiona Tsang, Program Supervisor

Fairchild Nursery & Kindergarten

Photo - Fairchild Nursery and Kindergarten

It has been a very positive experience for us to support the students at Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education. All the students who joined us for their practicum at Fairchild Nursery and Kindergarten had a hard working attitude with a great understanding of the importance of play-based learning. They threw themselves into engaging with the children in our classes, devising stimulating new activities as part of their training. I was impressed by their commitment and their enthusiasm when working with children of all ages from our youngest two-year-olds to the older children in K3. They were flexible, punctual, and respectful, and it's been a real delight to have the students as part of our team – so much so, that several of the students joined us for summer internship work.

Ms. Betty Yau, Principal

Galilee International Kindergarten

Photo - Galilee International Kindergarten

Being an early childhood practitioner requires love, patience and determination. In the ECE field there are many new theories to enhance young children’s learning and development. The student teachers at YCCECE have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable and have a very positive working attitude. They apply different educational theories into practice and present their ideas and vision in a systematic manner. Yew Chung students have an inquiring mind, which is essential in any learning journey. It is good to hear the questions asked of our academic staff by the student-teachers and to see the attention to detail and the care provided by them to young learners.

Mr. Kenji Noguchi, School Principal

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wan Chai Kindergarten

Photo - Tung Wah (Wan Chai)

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wan Chai Kindergarten has been working with YCCECE for six years and we have witnessed the growth of the college. YCCECE has always strived to enhance its teaching quality, the curriculum, and the standard set for students. YCCECE students who joined our kindergarten for their practicum demonstrated a positive attitude at work. They were eager to receive feedback and took the initiative to build relationships with children through leading play activities. They were willing to go beyond the classroom to support other bigger activities elsewhere. I found this truly impressive.

Ms. Kung Yu Ping, Principal
Ms. Chan Ming Fung, Senior Teacher

Yew Chung International School (ECE Section)

Photo - YCIS 1

Our students have displayed a very positive attitude in their keenness to help around school, learn from mentors, and the respect shown to teachers. Zoom and online teaching is very new to all the students. Yet, in spite of nerves, many were able to successfully incorporate it into their activities and lessons. Zoom has proved to be an excellent medium for knowledge transfer. Students observed what the teachers did and asked several pertinent questions in order to gain a better understanding of methods and required skills. Zoom was the only form of interaction with young students. A number of teachers commented on how impressed they were with how well our student teachers connected with children though many had never met before.

Ms. Anna Smith, Practicum Supervisor

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    - Fairchild Kindergarten
    - Malvern College Pre-school
    - Safari Kids International Kindergarten
    - Small World Christian Kindergarten
    - YMCA of Hong Kong Christian International Kindergarten
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