YCCECE Congregation 2020 Confers Honorary Fellowships as First Beaming Degree-waving Graduates Step Out

20201114_YCCECE Congregation (39)

The conferment of Honorary Fellowships at the YCCECE Congregation 2020, on Saturday November 14, was a huge success. This particular congregation, at the Yew Chung International School (Secondary Section) held special meaning as it was the first such ceremony undertaken since the College was upgraded to a degree-awarding institution in 2018 with a full Bachelor’s programme in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Over a hundred graduates participated, including the first graduation cohort of Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education, and those completing a Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education, or a Diploma in Early Childhood Studies.

The College also conferred Honorary Fellowships on the following scholars in recognition of their remarkable contribution to the institution.

(left) Professor Frederick Nicholas Ebbeck, Senior Academic Advisor, The SEED Institute, NTUC First Campus;  (right) Professor Marjory Anne Ebbeck, Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Education, University of South Australia


Professor Shen Shir-ming, Founding President of YCCECE


Opening the Congregation, YCCECE President Professor Allan Yuen, congratulated all the graduates on their successful negotiation of hurdles thrown up by Covid-19. “The last academic year was a very special and difficult year,” he said.  “It posed a great challenge. We planned many events and activities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. However, most were suspended due to the changing situation. We live in difficult times, but I know that YCCECE students and teachers are unafraid of obstacles or challenges. In the years ahead we look forward to hearing stories of your continuing achievement in transforming lives and shaping the future.”

The College was also honoured with the presence of Professor Shen Shir-ming, the Founding President of YCCECE, as the officiating guest. Delivered the commencement address, she emphasised that “the graduation this year is special.” She continued: “With the dedication of all staff of YCCECE, this the first time for the College to award Bachelor’s Degrees to its graduates and all of us made an important mark on the history of Yew Chung. The graduation is a milestone in your early childhood education journey as one of the Yew Chung Educators entering a new phase of life. I look forward to seeing you “add oil 加油” and reaching your next goal in the near future.”

Wu Shuang, a Bachelor’s Degree graduate with first class honours, gave the valedictorian speech. “The journey over the past two years was not easy. I would not have made it without the support of my classmates and professors. Thank you YCCECE for providing a good environment for students to focus on academic development and for nurturing a cohort of passionate and professional early childhood educators. I wish all of us a bright future to fulfil our potential in different positions in the ECE sector to make a positive impact on future generations.”

At the end of the ceremony, the College presented the Founder’s Award and Best Capstone Project Award to recognise outstanding students. The Founder’s Award is named after Yew Chung’s founder Madam Tsang Chor-hang. Every year, the College recommends students with outstanding academic achievement for this award. The awardees this year are Bachelor’s Degree graduates Chan Ho Yan and Hui Shu Ki, and Higher Diploma graduates Cheung Shuk Yee and Khan Urooj. Three of the four have already been employed through the “Yew Chung Yew Wah Teachers of Tomorrow Scheme” and will head to a new position at Yew Chung International School in Hong Kong or Shanghai after graduation.