For conditional offer holders with 2021 HKDSE result only

只適用於持有本學院取錄的申請人 For offer holders only

Personal details 個人資料

Confirm your offer 確認接受學位

I want to confirm the acceptance of offer 我確認接受以下學位: *

Upload your HKDSE result / Official transcript 上載你的文憑試成績單/其他成績單

Please upload your HKDSE result slip / SMS HKDSE result issued by HKEAA / Official transcript 請上傳你的文憑試成績單 / 由考評局發出的DSE成績短訊 / 其他成績單 *
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Please upload other academic result if applicable 如適用,請上傳其他學歷證明 (E.g. GCE / GCSE etc)
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