Tiki Cheung

2016 HDECE Graduate
Entered Year 3 at the University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Science in Applied Child Development

“ The 100% English learning environment at Yew Chung helped me build up a strong English foundation, enabling me to learn more effectively and confidently at HKU. ”


I have encountered two challenges at the University of Hong Kong. The first one is to understand more in-depth ECE theories and the second one is to learn more difficult English vocabularies. YCCC has equipped me with a clear understanding of various theories in the HDECE programme, thus enhancing more effective study of my degree at HKU. The 100% English learning environment at YCCC has also strengthened my English foundation, enabling more effective and confident learning.

I graduated from a CMI school and my DSE result was not very good. My English has improved a great deal at YCCC and I am really happy to be able to study at HKU. Besides, studying and growing up with YCCC classmates who have also been admitted to the same ECE programme at HKU is truly a very fulfilling experience.