Tina Wu

2020 BEdECE (Full-time) Graduate, 2017 HDECE Graduate

“ In our English course, we get to write a children’s book and I was able to write “Golden” and eventually get it published. The idea of “Golden” is that everybody in life goes through failures, has imperfections but that’s okay, that’s a part of life, that’s what makes you beautiful. I think that’s a really important message for children and adults, everybody including myself. ”


I chose Yew Chung because I know that they specialize in educating young children. I have a heart for teaching children, valuing education and so I felt that our values aligned and it made sense for me to pursue this school. The thing that I learned at YCCECE is that hard work goes a long way and the biggest aspiration that I’ve gained from being here is just to do my best, whether that means being a kindergarten teacher, whether that means in my personal life, it’s always to put my best foot forward. I think this school has really taught me that.