Winnie Ketan Dani

2020 BEdECE (Full-time) Graduate, 2017 HDECE Graduate

“ I plan to go back to India after obtaining a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and set up a school where every child can feel safe. ”


I suffer from Glioma and Nystagmus. I can only see with one eye and the vision is limited to one metre. My difficulties in learning made a year in school feel like four years.

The College is like my second home, where I study and live. I get along with my classmates and teachers and they know me very well. Whenever I come across a problem, they always solve it with me.

I have always dreamt of becoming a kindergarten teacher. I hope to articulate into The University of Hong Kong and complete a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education upon graduating from the College. I plan to go back to India afterwards and set up a shelter where every child can feel safe.