Year 3 Entry Two-year full-time

Students can choose one of the concentrations to strengthen their area of expertise:
(1) Infant & Toddler Education (InTod)
(2) Special Education Needs (SEN)
(3) Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Class schedule: Monday to Friday

Class venue: YCCECE | 2 Tin Wan Hill Road, Aberdeen

Year 3 Entry Four-year part-time

Class schedule#: Weekday evenings

Class venue#:
(1) Yew Chung International School (Secondary section) | 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong
(2) YCCECE | 2 Tin Wan Hill Road, Aberdeen

#More details will be announced soon


This programme aims to provide to qualified early childhood educators an inspiring training journey to upgrade their professional knowledge which will pave their way towards Kindergarten Principal Certification. Students will not only learn about various ECE approaches such as the Play-based approach, they will also be able to build leadership, research and other capacities through completing the ‘Advanced Practicum’ (8 weeks), the ‘Capstone Project’ and other daily interactive class activities.

Other than the General ECE concentration, the BEdECE programme offers to students two additional choices of specialisation in ‘Special Education Needs’ (SEN) or ‘Infant & Toddler Education’ (InTod). These specialisations will strengthen students’ skills and knowledge in their opted area of specialism and give them competitive edge for employment when they graduate.

For ECE practitioners who have only obtained the Registered Kindergarten Teacher license, and the Child Care Workers, Child Care Supervisors licenses, they will also be qualified for the Special Child Care Workers qualification upon completion of the programme.

Besides, the 100% English Medium of Instruction environment at YCCECE provides ample opportunities for students to practise and raise their English proficiency which gives them a competitive edge for further study or employment.


Advanced Practicum

The 8-week Advanced Practicum provides a wonderful opportunity for students to apply their learning into classroom. It enables students to bring together their knowledge, skills and experiences to make the transition to the next stage of their professional development as an ECE teacher and kindergarten principal later in their career advancement. In addition to classroom teaching practice, students will engage in intentional and meaningful interactions with parents, colleagues and the community.

A unique feature is that practicum experience in Yew Chung International School is exclusive to YCCECE students taking the ECE programmes. For students who study the Programme in part-time mode, an option of conducting the Advanced Practicum in their workplace will be considered.

Capstone Project

In the last term of the Programme, students will take the Capstone Project which will be conducted in an ECE setting where they will be engaged in in-depth Action Research on real-life ECE-related issues. Students may choose different ECE settings such as schools, children hospitals, non-government organisations etc.

At the end of the action research, students will come up with insights or suggestions for the host organisation to consider adopting.

Overseas Study Trip Experience

BEdECE students will have the opportunity to have exchange study trips in overseas countries such as Australia, Singapore, UK, South Korea etc.

Career Prospect

  • Yew Chung / Yew Wah Teachers of Tomorrow Scheme
  • Teaching positions in international and local kindergartens/schools and child care centres, special schools and other educational settings
  • Greater promotion opportunities such as coordinators / principals in schools
  • Administration in NGOs, family and children’s agencies and other educational bodies
  • Research opportunities in organisations and tertiary institutions
  • Other jobs such as children book publishers and education officers in Government

Further Study

BEdECE graduates are eligible to apply for:

  • The Certification Course for Kindergarten Principals, which, together with three-year post-qualification experience, is a prerequisite for registration as Kindergarten Principals in Hong Kong.
  • Other postgraduate certificate/diploma in education or master in education programmes


The College reserves the right to cancel any programme, revise programme content or change the class schedule(s) / venue(s) etc if circumstances so warrant.

Progression Pathways

Admission Requirements

Admission to Year Three

Holders of YCCECE (or YCCC) Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Award


Holders of recognised Higher Diploma awards in the field of ECE from other institutions in Hong Kong

Pass the admission interview


Holders of Higher Diploma awards admitted without acquiring training as Special Child Care Workers recognised by the SWD will be required to take and complete some bridging courses.