The 1-Year Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (DECS) programme introduces students to foundation concepts in Early Childhood Education, and also equips them with knowledge and skills in general education. It prepares students for the 2-year Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education (HDECE) or immediate employment as paraprofessionals in the ECE sector.

Besides, the 100% English Medium of Instruction environment at YCCECE provides ample opportunities for students to practice and raise their English proficiency which gives them a competitive edge for further study or employment.


The DECS programme includes 4 ECE courses and 2 weeks of Early Childhood Placement in kindergartens/ECE settings under the supervision of kindergarten teachers. It provides an invaluable initial experience for students to observe how teachers and children interact and how children learn in ECE setting.

Career Prospects

DECS graduates can look for paraprofessional jobs that requires some knowledge and training in ECE. Examples are teaching assistants, playgroup teachers, playgroup assistants.

Further Study

  • DECS graduates may apply for HDECE at YCCECE
  • DECS graduates may also apply for other AD or HD programmes offered by other institutions


The College reserves the right to cancel any programme, revise programme content or change the class schedule(s) / venue(s) etc if circumstances so warrant.

Progression Pathways

Admission Requirements

Completion of Secondary Education

Pass the admission interview


Applicants who cannot meet the stipulated minimum admission requirements and mature applicants of age 20 or above by 1 September of the year of admission may be considered for admission based on individual merits.