Michael Chan

BEdECE (Part-time) Year 3 Student, 2018 HDECE Graduate
Yew Chung/Yew Wah Teachers of Tomorrow Scheme Awardee, working at YCIS Hong Kong

“ Education is such a meaningful and rewarding profession. A touch rugby coach myself, my ECE qualification is a huge asset to my career. ”


Briella Chan

Centre Teacher at Pamela Peck Discovery Space, 2018 HDECE Graduate

“ I plan to design an original ECE programme that integrates dance and music. ”


Claire Drever

BEdECE (Part-time) Year 4 Student, 2018 HDECE Graduate

“ The programme enabled us to obtain all four professional qualifications, including the special child care worker license which is especially important to ECE professionals in Hong Kong. ”


Shrijana Gurung

2018 HDECE Graduate

“ I joined the college’s outreach scheme and volunteered in a school in Nepal over the summer break. As an undergraduate, it was a great chance for me to apply what I have learnt at the College. ”


Tina Wu

2020 BEdECE (Full-time) Graduate, 2017 HDECE Graduate

“ In our English course, we get to write a children’s book and I was able to write “Golden” and eventually get it published. The idea of “Golden” is that everybody in life goes through failures, has imperfections but that’s okay, that’s a part of life, that’s what makes you beautiful. I think that’s a really important message for children and adults, everybody including myself. ”


Owen Tsay

2018 HDECE Graduate

“ Whether you are a male or female, as long as you are dedicated to nurturing children with love and care, you will be a good teacher, popular among children. ”