College life is full of new opportunities and challenges

Our Student Development Office is here to guide and help students, so that they can grow holistically and make the most of their time at YCCECE. Our services include:

Services provided by Student Development Office

  • Our registered Social Worker provides 1:1 professional counselling to any student who would like such help and support. All information and sharing are kept strictly confidential.

  • Our University and Careers Guidance Counsellor supports students in planning their further studies and/or employment after graduation. Apart from 1:1 counselling sessions, the annual YCCECE Careers Fair and YCCECE Universities Fair provide ample opportunities for students to achieve their goals.

  • We provide a wide variety of personal development and community service opportunities to enhance students’ social, leadership, and problem-solving skills, and broaden their horizons beyond Early Childhood Education.

  • We provide information regarding tuition support and subsidies to students who are in need of financial assistance. For instance, the Student Finance Office of the Hong Kong government offers grants and loans, scholarships and travel subsidy, and students can also apply for the MTR Student Travel Scheme.

  • The YCCECE Student Emergency Fund (SEF) aims to provide financial assistance to YCCECE students to cope with sudden financial crises so as to avoid them from terminating study due to financial hardship.

    SEF is set up to assist full-time students whose immediate family is in crisis unexpectedly, such as cases of serious illness, death or accidents. Applicants are required to undergo the need assessment conducted by the Student Development Office (SDO) as well as to provide documentary proof and to comply with relevant regulations. The relevant details including application guidelines and application form are available in the Moodle.

    For enquiries, please contact SDO at 3977 9874 or 3977 9898 or e-mail to sdo@yccece.edu.hk

  • The College has an active Student Association that creates a vibrant student life experience. Highlights include the annual Christmas Party, Chinese New Year, Multicultural Day, and Graduation Party.

  • Mr. Rax Tsang

    Head (Student Development)


Student Support is like a bridge that lifts students up to reach their goals academically and professionally. It’s serious, challenging work but also fun and rewarding. It keeps everyone on the team young at heart!