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    Successful Implementation of Children Residential Home Revamp Project: A Journey of Developing RITE model


    21 Dec, 2022

    09 : 31

    • Successful Implementation of Children Residential Home Revamp Project: A Journey of Developing RITE model

      After 9 months of study, implementation and relentless efforts since March 2022, YCCECE is delighted to announce that its participation in the Children Residential Home Revamp Project (hereafter “The CRH Revamp Project”) has come to a completion today. The project aims to enhance the quality of residential educare services for infants and toddlers after the recommended changes are fully implemented.


      The College’s expert team developed a new model named the Residential Infants and Toddlers Educare Model (“RITE” Model), which formed the theoretical framework for the CRH Revamp Project. With the aim to support the holistic care and development of young children aged 0-3 in a residential educare context, the piloting of the RITE model in Hong Kong has been promising, and the College looks forward to its further implementation throughout the city.


      The RITE Model is benchmarked against international standards, and adopts an “organisational learning approach” to guide leaders and frontline staff to repeatedly review, modify, and enhance related practice. Through more than 90 indicators, the RITE Model defines the quality standards on four domains -- “Leadership and Management”, “Human Resources”, “Quality Educare”, and “Professional Development”. This model enables residential educare services to conduct systematic and rigorous self-evaluation and self-improvement, and also supports regulatory bodies in their quality assurance work.


      Members of the College's RITE Model expert team includes academic specialists in early childhood education, educational psychology, speech and language therapy, special educational needs, medicine, etc. In addition, College graduates also enjoyed the opportunity to contribute as Research Assistants in this meaningful project. 


      Overall, the College is greatly encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response to the RITE Model, and wishes to express our deepest thanks to all parties involved. 


      Professor Allan Yuen, President of the College stated, “We believe that the RITE Model is paving the way for a bright and sustainable future for residential educare services in Hong Kong, protecting and caring for vulnerable children at their most critical years of life, allowing them to enjoy a high quality “home” away from home.”