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    Brown Bag Seminar: The Power of Nature - the Need for Environmental Education


    16 Jan, 2024

    12 : 39

    • On January 16th, Ms. Judy Kiu Kin Yan, a senior lecturer in sustainable development and ecology, shared her experience in natural education at our Brown Bag Seminar. Using her previously funded Lantau Conservation Project as an example, she discussed the important connections between nature and human, and the importance of outdoor environmental education for children. Judy emphasized the need to increase children's natural experiences during their growth, and encourage them to find nature-based solutions in their daily life. This will help them enhance their connections with nature and meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs for nature. Cultivating children's environmental awareness starting from a young age can also help to build a healthy and harmonious natural ecosystem. We are grateful to Judy for her wonderful sharing and valuable insights.