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    Dispelling Misconceptions: A Parenting Workshop to Understand Autism


    23 Apr, 2024

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    • On 22 April 2024, Mr Samson Lam, a PhD Candidate in Educational Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, delivered an enlightening presentation on a meticulously designed parenting workshop for parents of children with autism.


      During the seminar, Samson shed light on the prevailing misconceptions surrounding autism, emphasizing that children with autism are not necessarily quiet, contrary to popular belief. He elucidated the common characteristics of autism, providing insight into the challenges faced by these children in social-emotional and language development, as well as their specific behaviors related to repetition and restricted interests.


      Samson went on to introduce an innovative 8-week parenting workshop developed by him and his team in 2023. This comprehensive workshop aimed to enhance parental understanding of autism and equip parents with effective strategies for interacting with their autistic children. Through a series of carefully curated activities, parents were given the opportunity to gain firsthand experience of the autistic perspective, fostering a deeper connection with their children and a greater understanding of their daily challenges.


      Furthermore, Samson showcased experiential activities specifically designed for parents in the presentation. He provided detailed explanations on how parents can personally immerse themselves in the realities of raising a child with autism, further deepening their understanding of the daily challenges these children face. Samson also offered practical advice and techniques to assist parents in communicating and interacting with their children, thereby strengthening the parent-child relationship.


      The audience actively participated in the experiential activities and engaged in a lively Q&A session with Samson. The discussions revolved around effectively utilizing social resources to support families with autistic children, with a common goal of helping these children achieve optimal learning and growth.


      Overall, Samson's presentation provided valuable insights into the world of autism and offered practical guidance to empower parents in their journey of raising children with autism.

    • Participant tried on one of the experiments

    • Participant tried on one of the experiments