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    Exploring Global Research and Practices in Kindergarten Education


    24 May, 2024

    12 : 07

    • On May 18th, the thematic lecture "Research and Practices in Kindergarten Education at Home and Abroad," organized by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute and Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE), and co-organized by the Qianhai International Cooperation Exchange Platform, was successfully held at the Qianhai Bay Lecture Hall. The lecture, delivered by Professor Shi Ping, Director of the Mainland Development Department and Head of the Chor Hang Education Research Institute (CHERI)at YCCECE, attracted educators and kindergarten education professionals.


      In his opening speech, Mr. Lau Huan-keung, a board member of the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, emphasized that kindergarten education is the starting point of a child's lifelong education and has a profound impact on their growth and development. He expressed the hope that this lecture would help educators better understand the latest developments in international early childhood education, enhance their professional skills, and promote the sustainable development of early childhood education.


      Professor Shi Ping's lecture focused on the theme "Research and Practices in Kindergarten Education at Home and Abroad." She provided an insightful and accessible explanation, highlighting research on how the quality of kindergartens affects children's learning abilities and individual behaviors both domestically and internationally. She emphasized that high-quality early education benefits both society and individuals. Professor Shi noted, "Emphasizing communication and language, social and emotional development, and physical development are crucial learning and development areas in early education. These areas lay the foundation for broader learning domains and future education."


      Following this, Professor Shi reviewed the development of kindergarten education quality assessment in China and shared recent research outcomes from the CHERI. She also addressed current challenges and shortcomings in early childhood education, stating, "Recruiting and retaining a highly skilled early education workforce remains challenging. Many quality supervisors still focus on structural factors rather than educational quality."


      During the interactive session of the lecture, the atmosphere was lively, with participants eagerly asking questions. Professor Shi patiently and thoroughly answered their inquiries, sharing her extensive experience and insights gained from years of work in the early childhood education field. Attendees expressed that they found the lecture highly beneficial and looked forward to more opportunities for academic exchange in the future, aiming to integrate what they learned into their daily teaching practices to improve education quality.