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    Transforming Sensitivity into Strength: Leadership Workshop Empowers Participants to Navigate Change and Overcome Criticism


    01 Sep, 2023

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    • On Friday, 25 August 2023, executive coach Ms. Natalie Evie delivered a leadership workshop titled "From Sensitive to Strong: How to Handle Change and Turn Criticism into Catalyst for Success." Natalie, a founding member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Hong Kong, has been coaching since 2000. Her passion lies in making a difference for youth and ensuring the future well-being of our society.


      During the workshop, Natalie shared valuable skills in stress management and maintaining calmness in times of change. She also provided insights on developing personal resilience to shape future plans. Attendees, including staff and students, spoke highly of the workshop:


      "Natalie Evie aspires to inspire positive change in people's lives, empowering them to navigate through challenging situations with newfound clarity. Her workshops offer concrete theories and practical knowledge on communication and motivation. These sessions resemble counseling, as Natalie encourages open discussions about current challenges and difficulties. Through these conversations, she skillfully demonstrates the practical application of theories using relevant examples. Natalie's genuine care for individuals facing uncertainty or complexity shines through. I highly recommend her workshops." – Ms Hin Hin Wong, Institutional Advancement Manager.


      "It was a great opportunity to learn skills for supporting mentees when they need assistance. The advice provided based on personal stories shared during the session was useful." – Mr Karl Galway, student.


      "The Abdominal Breathing exercise shared by Miss Natalie helped manage anxiety and panic emotions. She emphasized the acceptance that all experiences have an ending. By 'seeing' that experiences and arising phenomena are temporary and fleeting, it becomes easier to adapt and respond to challenges." – Ms Kin-Yi Lo, student.


      "Throughout the session, we were taught how to handle negative emotions and extend the same support to new students during the upcoming semester's mentoring sessions. The session exceeded my expectations, as participants including myself had the opportunity to share upsetting incidents and find resolution. Rather than merely being a coaching session on how to be a mentor, it felt like we were the ones being mentored and learning about mentoring techniques." – Mr Donald Chung- Hei Kwok, student.