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    Academic Team's Sharing - Dr. Zhang Ye

    Yew Chung Approach - Sharing

    29 Aug, 2023

    17 : 27

    Building and maintaining strong relationships with students is a crucial aspect of the Yew Chung Approach and one that I, as a college lecturer, consider to be essential for academic success and personal growth of students who are early childhood practitioners. In my experience, strong relationships are like the secret sauce that makes teaching and learning a delicious feast, leaving everyone’s palate satisfied and coming back for seconds.


    I implement this principle into my teaching practices by establishing a personal connection with my students. I am interested in learning more about them, their interests, aspirations, and challenges beyond the classroom. Furthermore, I welcome and encourage open communication and feedback, inviting students to share their thoughts and opinions with me and valuing their ideas. I also prioritize creating a positive and inclusive classroom culture. This includes creating an environment where all students feel valued and engaged, which in turn encourages teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect.


    Overall, the value of strong relationships between teachers and students cannot be overstated. By prioritizing these relationships, I believe my students will appropriate this value and become relational practitioners who also create a learning community that fosters growth, nurtures potential, and supports personal development in their own students.