Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) offers an exclusive and highly competitive employment scheme for exemplary YCCECE’s HDECE and BEdECE graduates, enabling them to gain a head start in their careers. Under this unique Yew Chung/Yew Wah Teachers of Tomorrow Scheme, students in their Final Year can apply to work at Yew Chung International School (YCIS) in Hong Kong or at one of its sister schools/kindergartens in Mainland China, whether YCIS, Yew Wah International Education Schools (YWIES), or Yew Wah International Education Kindergartens (YWIEK).

The employment duration is typically 1-year, and only students with demonstrated excellence in academics and practicum performance will be considered.

Yew Chung & Yew Wah Network

YCCECE is part of an unrivalled network of international kindergartens, schools and college that spans more than 22 locations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Silicon Valley in the United States. Each school is independently registered and operated.


Local and International kindergartens, K-12 schools and tertiary college
  • Hong Kong


    YCIS Hong Kong

  • Shenzhen

    YWIEK Shenzhen

  • Qingdao

    YCIS Qingdao

    YWIEK Qingdao

  • Beijing

    YCIS Beijing

    YWIES Beijing

    YWITEC Beijing

  • Chongqing

    YCIS Chongqing

    YWIEK Chongqing Forte

    YWIEK Chongqing Rongke

  • Yantai

    YWIES Yantai

  • Guangzhou

    YWIES Guangzhou

  • Rizhao

    YWIEK Rizhao

    YWIS Rizhao

  • United Kingdom

    Somerset Yew Wah Classroom

  • Shanghai

    YCIS Shanghai

    YWIES Shanghai Gubei

    YWIES Shanghai Lingang

    YWIEK Shanghai Biyun

  • Tongxiang

    YWIES Tongxiang

  • United States

    YCIS Silicon Valley