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    Collaborating for Enrich Education and Empower Diversities in Kindergarten


    27 May, 2024

    19 : 39

    • Organised by YCCECE and sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club 'Spark & Spot' Project is an exciting initiative aimed at empowering educators and promoting inclusive practices in kindergartens across Hong Kong. The project's main components include a mixed-mode professional development programme for educators, whole school multi-sensory environmental enhancement, and a community of practice and knowledge sharing hub.


      The goal of the project is to provide practical coaching guidance and support to educators and school management, helping them apply theory to practice and create a conducive universal learning environment. By fostering a long-lasting support network between schools, the project aims to facilitate the inclusion and participation of all learner diversities.


      The project's name, 'Spark & Spot,' serves to represent the desire to ignite the internal flames within educators and recognize the strengths within themselves and their students. The flame in the logo symbolizes the desire to enrich education and empower diversities in kindergartens. A tea reception was held on 17 May 2024, for partners involved in the project, including four NGOs and guests such as representatives from The Hong Kong Jockey Club and external vendors, to have the opportunity to meet and gain a better understanding of the project's objectives and desired outcome. YCCECE President Prof Allan Yuen and the Project Co-Director, Ms Rohnii Tse, introduced the project.


      Amidst the sharing session, a delightful activity awaited the guests. They were cordially invited to express their thoughts and feelings about the project and inclusive education by writing heartfelt messages or drawing meaningful symbols on a flame-shaped canvas. These heartfelt contributions were carefully collected and showcased within a grander flame display. This captivating exhibition not only symbolized the coming together of diverse perspectives but also embodied the collective accumulation of thoughts, profound meaning, and unwavering support for the project throughout its transformative 46-month journey.


      Overall, the Jockey Club 'Spark & Spot' Project will be an inspiring and collaborative effort to enhance education and empower diversities in kindergartens, and YCCECE strives to contribute to the betterment of society through research and community outreach with the full support of Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

    • From left: YCCECE Vice President (Administration) Dr Frank Lam, President Professor Allan Yuen and Ms Rohnii Tse put little "flame" into a large "flame".