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    Gratia Christian College Students Explore Early Childhood Education at YCCECE


    08 Mar, 2024

    15 : 36

    • In a cross-institutional educational endeavor, a group of eight Higher Diploma students from Gratia Christian College, accompanied by a dedicated teacher, embarked on a captivating visit to the Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) on 8 March 2024. This enlightening experience offered a firsthand glimpse into the realm of early childhood education, facilitating an exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two esteemed institutions.


      The students congregated in a classroom for an engaging "Learn-through-play" talk and sharing session. Our seasoned early childhood educator Ms Joey Chan elucidated the significance of play-based learning, captivating her audience with insightful anecdotes and research-backed arguments. The Gratia Christian College students eagerly provided their perspectives and engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue.


      Subsequently, the group was treated to a mesmerizing storytelling session at the College’s living laboratory – the Pamela Peck Discovery Space (PPDS). This dynamic observation allowed the students to witness firsthand storytelling skills. Amidst a vibrant atmosphere, the children's imaginations were kindled. The Gratia Christian College students engaged in a fruitful sharing session with PPDS Center teachers. This exchange of insights and experiences proved invaluable, shedding light on the practical aspects of early childhood education and offering a deeper understanding of the triumphs and challenges faced by professionals in the field. The interaction sparked a vibrant synergy of ideas, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual learning.


      The visit of the Gratia Christian College students to YCCECE left an indelible mark on their educational journey. Witnessing firsthand the innovative teaching practices and impassioned commitment of the YCCECE faculty and staff. This inter-institutional exchange not only kindled a thirst for knowledge but also fostered a robust platform for continuous growth and development within the field of early childhood education.


      As educational institutions continue to forge bonds and promote knowledge exchange, it is the collective hope that visits such as these will perpetuate a culture of collaboration, ultimately enhancing the quality of early childhood education in Hong Kong and beyond.