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    MOU Signing with The Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools


    03 May, 2024

    22 : 11

    • On 2 May 2024, Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) and The Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools (AHKCMS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) which signifies a commitment to collaboration and mutual support. One of the key aspects of the agreement is YCCECE's pledge to provide assistance and guidance to students from AHKCMS member schools who are interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education. This support aims to facilitate their educational journey and help them navigate the path towards becoming early childhood educators.


      Durin the visit to YCCECE, Mr. Kwun Fan Liang, the President of AHKCMS and Principal of ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School. expressed his appreciation for the warm reception and hospitality extended by YCCECE. The AHKCMS delegation had the opportunity to explore the campus, participate in insightful program talks, and engage with faculty members and students. This visit allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of YCCECE's mission, programs, and the educational opportunities available to students.


      Professor Allan Yuen, the President of YCCECE, highlighted the genuine care and concern that YCCECE's teachers have for students who aspire to pursue a career in early childhood education. He emphasized their commitment to addressing the various pathways available to students and guiding them towards a successful and fulfilling ECE journey. Professor Yuen's statement," cause we are teachers too!" It reflects the shared passion and dedication of the YCCECE faculty in supporting aspiring educators.


      One highlight of the visit was the Pamela Peck Discovery Space, a living laboratory where teacher students have the unique opportunity to interact with children and parents during their practical training. The AHKCMS delegation was impressed by this hands-on learning environment, which provides valuable experiential learning for future educators. This immersive experience allows teacher students to apply their knowledge, develop teaching skills, and gain insights into the diverse needs of children and families.


      As part of the collaboration, YCCECE will allocate additional places for the Principal Recognitional Scholarship to students nominated by school principals from member schools of the association. Furthermore, the College will provide customized counseling services to students from member schools. Through this partnership, students from AHKCMS member schools will benefit from YCCECE's support and expertise, enabling them to pursue their passion for early childhood education and contribute to the development of quality education in Hong Kong.