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    Our BOG member Professor Kathy Sylva's Seminar on Play-Based Learning at YCCECE


    20 Nov, 2023

    14 : 39

    • YCCECE recently had the privilege of hosting a remarkable teacher training session in Hong Kong led by our Board of Governor Professor Kathy Sylva from the University of Oxford. The session, titled "Free or Guided Play: Getting the Balance Right," was a part of Jockey Club 'CoolPlay' Project teacher training programme.


      In her session, Prof Sylva explored the nuanced dynamics between free and guided play in early childhood education. She enriched the discussion with case studies from international contexts, offering valuable insights for enhancing pedagogical methods in early learning.


      The event was attended by educators from over 20 local kindergartens and nursery schools. This diverse participation reflects a common challenge faced across different types of kindergartens: finding the right balance between guided and free play. It demonstrates a collective effort to refine and improve early childhood education practices.


      The session provided an in-depth analysis of play-based learning, contributing significantly to the professional growth of participating educators.


      In her closing remarks, Prof Sylva emphasised the importance of a balanced approach to play in early education: "Just as a balanced diet is essential for growth, children need a variety of play experiences for holistic development. A blend of structured and free play is crucial for fostering cognitive, language, and socio-emotional skills in children."


      Our sincere thanks to Prof Sylva for her invaluable contribution and to all educators who participated, showing their commitment to advancing early childhood education.