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    YCCECE Introduces Mengxue Story Book Series


    23 Mar, 2024

    18 : 40

    • Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education (YCCECE) proudly announces the debut of the new Mengxue Story Book Series. This series is developed under the guidance of Professor Shi Ping, Director of the Chor Hang Educational Research Institute (CHERI). CHERI was established in 2016, it serves as the College's second independent research center, following the establishment of the Mengxue Institute in 2022. 

    • Mengxue Story Book Series Introduction

      Yew Chung is a school that cultivates whole person through moral training, self-cultivation, and socialization, cultivating them to become the benevolent person with a Confucius-envisioned position in the global community (Stephanie, 2022). The founder of Yew Chung, Madam Tsang, inspired children and staff to adhere to Chinese virtues of “diligence, frugality, humility and faithfulness.”


      Effectively implementing such a philosophy in early childhood education involves reinterpreting traditional Mengxue materials and equipping the next generation with modern educational thinking. Mengxue originated in the Song dynasty and flourished during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It has been rooted in family and clan-based education for over a millennium. To adapt it to the needs of today's society and young children, we carefully select relevant materials and use children's real-life stories to illustrate Chinese traditional culture and values that are integral to their lives.

    • Features

      • The stories in this book are often real-life stories shared by caretakers or parents, supplemented with professional early childhood education advice for readers to engage with young children. The stories are presented in both Chinese and English to accommodate readers of different languages.


      • While Mengxue traditionally focuses on Chinese character acquisition and phonological awareness, this picture book series goes beyond that. It does not aim to have young children memorize words, but rather seeks to convey virtues through storytelling based on daily life experiences. For example, by exploring the concept of borrowing and returning, we introduce virtues found in "Di Zi Gui" or the "Student Rules" published during the Qing Dynasty. This series of books aims to help teachers, parents, and children recognize that Chinese culture, deeply embedded in our DNA, continues to shape our lives and character. We hope that as children grow from primary school to university and enter society, the seeds of Chinese culture planted during this time will flourish, allowing these vibrant traditions to expand and be passed down from generation to generation.
    • Reading age:


    • Book Series

      This Book Series comprises of three main themes: “Etiquette”, “Benevolence and Filial Piety”, and “Daily Habits”, each theme covers six stories. Total 18 stories.


      Book title: 

      • “Mengxue Children’s Stories – Etiquette” (Volume 1 and 2), fixed price RMB48. 
      • “Mengxue Children’s Stories - Benevolence and Filial Piety” (Volume 1 and 2), fixed price RMB48. 
      • “Mengxue Children’s Stories – Daily Habits” (Volume 1 and 2), fixed price RMB48. 
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