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    BEdECE Year 3 Student Ho Yin Wong Gave his Thanks to Teacher in the Air


    15 Apr, 2024

    15 : 33

    • BEdECE Year 3 student Mr Ho-yin Wong went to a recorded radio interview for the RTHK 5 “Heart to Class programme”.


      He expressed his deep passion for Early Childhood Education, a field that captured his heart. There was a time when he found himself at a crossroads, unsure about his academic and career path. However, everything changed when he crossed paths with Mr. T Fungwong from the College's Student Development Office. Mr. T's guidance and mentorship transformed his thoughts and life, leading him towards a fulfilling journey.


      In this broadcast, he wishes to extend his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. T and the dedicated teachers at the College. Their unwavering support and guidance have equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a competent preschool teacher. He is eager to contribute to the field of Early Childhood Education and make a positive impact on society.


      The interview recording is scheduled to be aired on April 15, 2024, allowing him the opportunity to share his story and express his appreciation for the transformative influence of Mr. T and the College's teachers.


      Please click to review the programme. Ho Yin's interview started at 21:40.

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