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    Delegation from Affiliated School of JNU for Hong Kong & Macau Students Explores College's Innovative Learning Environment


    06 Nov, 2023

    18 : 21

    • The Affiliated School of JNU for Hong Kong & Macau Students (“ASJ”) delegation, led by Mr Johnathan Lai, Chief Principal, visited our College (YCCECE) on November 3, 2023. This visit marked an exciting exchange of education philosophy and insights between ASJ and YCCECE.


      ASJ, an international school established under the backdrop of the Greater Bay Area and the Pilot Demonstration Area, holds the distinction of being the first school for Hong Kong and Macau students in the Greater Bay Area under the auspices of a renowned university – Jinan University.


      During their visit, the delegation had the opportunity to explore our College's Tin Wan campus, including our unique Discovery Space—an innovative exploring space that serves as a living lab for student projects, research endeavors, and community activities. The delegation was captivated by the College's commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


      Engaging in fruitful discussions, the ASJ delegation engaged with our College President Professor Allan Yuen, faculty members and students, sharing valuable insights and exchanging ideas on educational practices, academic programs, and innovative teaching methodologies. The visit served as a platform for fostering collaboration and mutual learning between the two parties, as both institutions strive to provide holistic and future-focused education to students.


      YCCECE student from the Mainland shared that they enjoyed their study life here at the College. Their English proficiency is greatly enhanced through a progressive English-learning and multi-cultural environment. The curriculum they learn here refers to the Yew Chung Approach to ECE, it emphasizes play-based learning. They receive the support they need here from teachers and the Student Development Office.


      Reflecting on the visit, Professor Allan Yuen expressed appreciation for the opportunity to host the ASJ delegation, acknowledging their dedication to providing international education of the highest quality to Hong Kong and Macau students in the Mainland.


      As the visit concluded, the ASJ delegation departed with a deeper understanding of our College's background, academic programs, and innovative approach to education. Both ASJ and our College look forward to future collaborations that will continue to enrich the learning journeys of students in the GBA Region.