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    YCCECE Showcases Commitment to Diversity at Zubin Foundation Ethnic Minority Scholarship Fair


    31 Oct, 2023

    11 : 24

    • Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education participated in the Zubin Foundation Ethnic Minority Scholarship Fair held on 28 October 2023. This event garnered significant attention from students who demonstrated a strong interest in pursuing early childhood education programs. Many attendees specifically inquired about the scholarships offered by YCCECE, a notable fact considering that over 90% of the college's students have been recipients of scholarships or bursaries.


      YCCECE is deeply committed to providing a conducive English-speaking learning environment that caters to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of its student body. Remarkably, approximately 40% of the college's students are non-Chinese speakers. YCCECE warmly welcomes students from diverse linguistic backgrounds and ensures that they receive comprehensive support and resources to seamlessly integrate into the academic landscape.


      During the Zubin Foundation Ethnic Minority Scholarship Fair, YCCECE took the opportunity to introduce its wide-ranging selection of scholarships and bursaries. The college offers various financial aid options and scholarships to facilitate students in their academic pursuits, with a particular focus on supporting students from ethnic backgrounds.


      The scholarships and bursaries provided by YCCECE encompass a broad spectrum of student needs. They are awarded based on exceptional academic achievements or a genuine passion for early childhood education. The quantity and value of these scholarships and bursaries are determined based on the individual student's requirements and performance, ensuring their success in their academic endeavors.


      As an institution that highly values educational diversity and inclusivity, YCCECE is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing an enriching environment abundant with opportunities and embracing a wide range of perspectives. The college's robust scholarship program and English curriculum exemplify its unwavering commitment to fostering an open and inclusive educational environment.


      The participation of YCCECE in the Zubin Foundation Ethnic Minority Scholarship Fair serves as a testament to its ongoing dedication to supporting students from diverse backgrounds. Through its continuous efforts, the college continues to make a positive impact on the educational landscape by providing valuable opportunities and essential resources for aspiring students.

    • Ms. Shalini Mahtani, MBE, Honorary Advisor of YCCECE and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Zubin Foundation

    • Many came to get programme information for family and friends as well

    • Students are interested in the scholarship and bursaries offered by the College

    • The fair attracted many students from ethnic minority