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    YCCECE Cultural Festival


    25 Oct, 2023

    16 : 04

    • Wofoo Leadership Network YCCECE Chapter organized a cultural festival on campus from 25 to 28 October this year, it promotes intercultural understanding, fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity, and encourages dialogue and appreciation for different cultures. It provides a platform for students to engage in meaningful cultural exchange, learn from one another, and celebrate the diversity that exists within their college community.


      During the cultural festival, various activities and performances take place, such as art exhibitions, fashion shows, “henna body art painting”, and cultural presentations. Students from different backgrounds came together to display artifacts, traditional clothing, and cuisines from their respective cultures. It is a chance for individuals to share their traditions, customs, and unique aspects of their heritage with others.


      Vice President of Wofoo's YCCECE Chapter, Anson Wong ho-yin, reckoned that it is a vibrant and dynamic gathering that provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to come together and appreciate the rich tapestry of cultural heritage. “We enjoy the opportunity to openly talk about cultural differences and embrace the advantage of a close-knit community here at YCCECE.”


      Professor Allan Yuen, President of YCCECE said, “Cultural Festival is an event that promotes valuable educational experiences, as it exposes participants to new perspectives, broadens their horizons, and promotes cultural awareness and sensitivity.” He is happy to see students initiate this, which promotes a festive and lively atmosphere that encourages unity, friendship, and cross-cultural connections among students, fostering a sense of global citizenship and respect for diversity.