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    Digital Advancement Impacts The Education Landscape


    21 May, 2024

    14 : 30

    • On 17 May 2024, Dr Patrick Yun, the Executive Co-Director of the Institute of Professional and Vocational Education and Lifelong Learning at the Education University of Hong Kong, delivered a talk at YCCECE. This seminar kicks off the Knowledge Transfer Seminar Series.


      The seminar focused on the impact of the digital age on education and the essential skills and tools required to become a successful digital teacher. Dr Yun emphasized the importance of understanding the digital age and referred to the VUCA model which means volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. He emphasized that these factors are increasingly prevalent in the digital age and that educators must be prepared to navigate them. Dr. Yun then discussed how to become a digital teacher in higher education, outlining the six elements required to build capabilities. He also discussed how to be mentally prepared for the digital age, including the importance of design thinking, systems thinking, and computational thinking.


      The seminar also addressed concerns and problems in using AI tools, such as privacy issues and the authenticity and credibility of information provided by these tools. Dr. Yun provided valuable insights into the latest digital technologies and how they can be used to improve education practices and outcomes. Overall, the seminar was informative and engaging, providing attendees with practical strategies and tools to become successful digital teachers in the digital age.